The Ligonier Christian Church has a long tradition of men who take their faith very seriously. We recognize that God has a plan for each of us and expects us to be faithful to His Word, engaged in His Church, and actively leading our families in faith. Through the years our men have used the talents and abilities  God has given us to assist the Church with all of its functions including building up the Body, helping those in need, and spreading the good news of Jesus. Many of our men feel called to lead various ministries as Deacons working under the oversight of our Shepherds, who also feel called to oversee the Church. At the Ligonier Christian Church men are encouraged to be strong and courageous as God uses us to fulfill His greater purposes.
Elkhart East
Church of Christ
March 19th, 2020
Goshen Christian Church
April 23, 2020
Sturgis Church of Christ
May 21, 2020