Each Spring, the Ligonier Christian Church celebrates a community Homecoming for friends and family of the church, and, the alumni of the Perry Elementary School. In 1985 the old Perry Elementary School building was purchased by the Ligonier Christian Church and has served as our facility since that time. Over the years many improvements have been made to modernize portions of the building, but it has been our goal to restore the facility to its former glory and repurpose it for our current use. We proudly use our historic building in a variety of ways to meet community needs. Our many programs for ministering to the residents of Ligonier are, for us, a way we can “pay it forward” to future generations while preserving our historic past. Come and join us for heartfelt journey down memory lane and an opportunity to see what God is doing at the Ligonier Christian Church.
Sunday, March 15th, 2020 
10:30 AM, Community Worship
11:30 AM, “Old School” Potluck
(including Original Recipe of Chili & Clam Chowder from years gone by)