Drive-in Worship
We are having drive in worship available for those that don’t want to come into the building at this time of uncertainty. If you would like to participate in this on Sundays we ask you to park on the north end of the building and turn your radio station to 93.5 FM. We will have a member come out and welcome you and ask if you would like to partake in communion. All are welcome and everyone is family.
In-House Worship
We are having worship inside the building. When entering the auditorium we ask that you abide by CDC Guidelines and practice social distancing. Upon entering we ask you wear a mask or facial covering and once sat down you may take it off. This is a scary time of uncertainty and we hope and pray that we can help with your worship service and your spiritual connection with God. We want to make this a safe and comfortable environment where we can worship and connect with each other and with God.
For any further questions contact… Deacon Shawn Cox @ 260-215-1761 or