Are you feeling salty?

Picture yourself sitting at the dining room table with family and friends for a big meal. On the table are all of the seasoned dishes you enjoy most. They have been carefully cooked according to long held family recipes and the combined aroma makes your stomach ache. With the passing of each course, you fill your plate until it is overflowing. As you secure your first bite you notice something odd. The first bite seems a bit bland as do all of the bites to follow. You quickly remedy the situation by requesting the salt be passed to you so you can further season your meal. Your meal to follow is not only seasoned appropriately, but tastes delicious. Salt makes all the difference in the world, don’t you think?
If you add salt to your meal, you are not alone. Last year alone the United States produced 43 metric tons of salt for various uses. Believe it or not, over eighty-percent of all salt produced was marketed and used for industrial purposes, not for consumption. World-wide salt for consumption by people is estimated at six-percent. So salt fuels everything from salt licks for cattle, to industrial cleaning applications, to melting snow and ice on the ground. Dare I suggest that without salt the world is an unproductive unsavory place? It is, therefore, no surprise that Jesus used salt as a metaphor to describe His followers. “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt has lost its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men,” (Matthew 5:13, NIV). You are the salt of the earth, which means you are valuable. Just as salt appears in various forms to accomplish a wide variety of purposes, God has seasoned you to be fruitful and to serve faithfully. By being “salty” we become a catalyst for positive change regardless of our circumstances. To be ”salty” is to be useful for God’s purposes.
What happens when a follower of Christ loses his saltiness? First, he is no longer distinguished from the world. He is just like everyone else. Which means an ”unsalty” person is bland and makes no real difference in this world. Jesus says that when this happens it is too late to reverse the outcome. Second, the unsalty are only good to be trampled on by others and lead boring mundane lives. To be salty is to live a full enriched life filled with promises and blessings.
How do I know when I have either lost my saltiness, or, are in the process of losing it? When your heart no longer pounds at the saving good news of the God’s Word, then the process is underway. The Good News is that being salty is within your reach and God can use people who have a “salt problem” regardless of their condition. Be “salty.” God desires you to flavor this world with His Spirit in you.