The Ligonier Christian Church believes that it is our responsibility, and privilege, to reach out in love and help those in need. We desire to be the Lord’s “hands and feet” in our community, and beyond. We commit a portion of our financial resources to ministries to children, to families, to the hearing impaired, to those suffering from natural disasters, and to those who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of all of our activities as a church family, our Helping Hands Ministry is nearest and dearest to our hearts. You are invited to join us in this adventure of making a real difference in the world!  
Each year at Christmas time we prepare Christmas boxes and send them around the world to children who have never heard the gospel. Christmas of 2019 broke a record for us and we were able send more boxes than ever before. Each year we try to increase the amount of Christmas boxes sent out.
For many years we have supported the ministry of Lake James Christian Camp. Our members of all ages participate in the numerous sessions of camp throughout the year. In the Summer months we provide a scholarship for any young person who wants to attend a session of camp.
The Ligonier Christian Church proudly supports the non-profit ministry of the Woodburn Christian Children’s Home. A portion of our resources each month go to this important ministry to children and their families. Additionally, we sponsor a “supplies” drive each year to collect items for use in their group homes. 
Each year the International Disaster Emergency Service ministry helps victims of natural disasters around the world. Through the years we have assisted their ministry through individual and church resources.