Every church is made up of a diverse group of people. This is a reflection of what worship will be like in heaven where people from every tribe, tongue, and nation will gather before the throne of God.
Here at the Ligonier Christian Church, we strive to prepare for that reality by serving the broad range of people that come to our services. There is no expectation of what worshippers wear or how new they are to “church,” everyone is welcome. We believe that God meets us where we are when we worship Him.

We are blessed to have people from a variety of ages, social positions, and economic backgrounds that worship with us. Rather than separate based on our differences in background or preferences, we strive to come together based on our unity in Christ.
Because of this, our music is a blended style that seeks to enable every person to connect with God in worship, while still following the pattern of worship laid out for us in scripture. 

In order to accomplish God’s greater purpose in every service of worship, our ministry is centered around these three principles:

God-Centered Worship: God, who is our “all-in-all,” desires and blesses our worship. Our response to Him, both privately and as a congregation, is humble, God-exalting worship. This worship is centered around the truths of the Gospel. We desire in worship to be pleasing to God in all things and sincerely seek His presence in our assemblies.

Biblically Authorized Worship: All Scripture used and applied in worship is in complete agreement with doctrine of Christ. Teaching is used for the purposes of encouraging, instruction, and as a call to a deeper, more transformative, worship experience. Teaching is most often “expository” (based upon close examination and application of Scripture in context). We unashamedly rely on God’s Holy Word as the sole basis for our personal, and congregational, expression of faith.

Inclusive-Worship: Our style of worship is one that is inviting to everyone regardless of religious heritage and background. We choose not to be divisive, but instead, inclusive and not offensive. We avoid the extremes of any particular style, but seek instead to create a worship experience inclusive to all seekers. 
Simply put, we love our worship and view it as a highlight of our week. Visitors are always welcome and are treated as family. We invite you to come as you are to worship, and be very blessed as a result!